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Pure Solar energy is almost the cheapest form of energy globally. We are working firmly towards technological and financial Innovations; which will match solar production to ownership and usage patterns. Our goal is to enabling those currently without Grid access to come online and improve their lives; and to allow those with unstable and limited access to upscale and utilize their innate potential.

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    Solar Panels

    Solagen power provides home lighting systems, water heating,power protection devices, and solar power for your home

    Schools and NGOs

    Solagen power provides excellent solar water heating,solar power systems ideal for learning institutions


    We supply solar freezers, solar water heating, and solar lighting efficient for health care facilities.  business solar solutions such as lighting, power backup and solar power

    IWe Are Right Here To Realize Your Green Energy Dream

    We Supply & Install Solar Countrywide

    Solar power is cheaper than Grid power in Kenya! Come on board and be part of the Green revolution.